New York City in 2020

A collection of photos chronicling life in New York City over the last 12 months.


Being in New York from mid-March till mid-May was like being in some kind of dystopian post-apocalyptic city. Rarely have I seen the city so empty, so quiet, so cowed. I recall going out for runs in the morning in the spring. Flowers, a light breeze, beautiful sunshine, but no one there to take it all in.

Chelsea, early April
Greenwich Village, mid April
East River Park, late March
East Village, late April. This sign had never been empty before.
Gramercy, early May


A very intense summer, forcing the nation to reckon with systemic racism. New York City was the epicenter.

A photo that says more than words ever will
Nutella with a side of bullets?
Books and Graffiti
Union Square


Life came back to New York City in the summer. Restaurants expanded onto the streets, parks teemed with liveliness, tourist attractions became a joy to visit for locals. Despite the world falling apart, the summer was a rare bright spot in an otherwise dismal year.

George Washington Bridge
Lightning over Union Square
Washington Square Park
Stealing a kiss
Times Square minus tourists
Alphabet City
Wine, with a side of live music
Warm summer night, East Village


All is not lost. It was a tough year, but at least it’s over.

Downtown Manhattan
Madison Square Park, October.
Realizing that the election’s results have been declared, Palisades Parkway
Thanksgiving Day, thankful for blue umbrellas
Rain, hail or snow, we will eat outside if we must, because we are New York tough.

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