Facebook Live

I was one of the two engineers that built the first prototype of Facebook Live. I was the technical lead on Live for a few years after that. You can learn more about Facebook Live here. You can also try it out yourself by opening Facebook on your smartphone or desktop, and clicking on “Go Live”.

We also built the ability to go Live on Facebook using any camera and launched it at Facebook’s F8 conference at 2016. All you need is a connection from your camera to the internet. Read all about it here.

I moved to New York City from San Francisco in 2015 to expand the Live team into Facebook’s NYC office. In the process, I did a tech talk on Facebook Live for the broader engineering community in NYC.

Finally, for the curious ones, here is a blog post about how Live Video works under the hood.

Facebook Video

Outside of Facebook Live, I’ve worked on several video-related products at Facebook. Over a couple of Hackathons, we launched the ability to post photos and videos together, and to add videos to any album. That has since evolved into the ability to post anything into an album. In yet another Hackathon, we built and launched Video Comments.

Facebook Mentions

Facebook Mentions is an app that my team built to address the needs of public figures — how to effectively interact with their fans, find the best connections, and interact with public figures. Learn more about it here.


I’ve interviewed over 300 candidates for Facebook, and have also worked on tools we use to improve our recruiting process. I routinely mentor junior engineers, and do onboarding talks for new engineers joining Facebook.

For an up-to-date-ish report on what I’m working on, my LinkedIn is linked in the left hand column.